Hardline D2 Straight Handle Combo - Black

Hardline D2 Straight Handle Combo - Black


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The Hardline D2 Handle provides more than a traditional faux suede grip, that is all over the market these days. The secret is in the lamination, Hardline take a thin layer of faux suede and sandwich it onto an EVA base, resulting in a grip that spring back to life time after time. Optimal grip is achieved with a medium to Extra Large sized hand.

  • 4mm Spectra Section w/5mm PVC surround
  • 15" / 28mm Aluminium Bar
  • Embroidered Suede / EVA Grip
  • PVC Y Yoke
  • 12" PVC End Cap



The Hardline 75' Baseline comes in at over 3 times stronger than an equivilent Poly E rope with its tough single braid construction. Containing 3 X 5ft Sections for adjustibility and is fully waxed to protect against harmful UV rays and reduce the risk of knotting.

  • 4mm Diameter
  • Single Braid Construction
  • Fully Waxed
  • 3 Printed Sections @ 65', 70' & 75'